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Spoofing Explained

Spoof is a game, played with 3 coins of equal size or denomination, where participants are divided into “schools” which may comprise of 2,3,4,5 or more players. The object of the game is to 'calculate', and we use the word advisedly, CALCULATE the total number of coins held in the players’ clenched fist. (Not the monetary value thereof but the total number of coins!)


The players may each secretly decide whether to hold 0,1,2 or 3 coins in their clenched fist. In order to determine who will call first a “deflowered” matchstick will be spun, once the hands are out. The hands may not be changed after the match has been spun. The person to whom the deflowered end of the match is pointing will have a right to call first or nominate (foolishly) who may call first. Thereafter the play will rotate in clockwise order. Each player will then call in clockwise order until all calls have been made. No duplicate calls may be called and there must be no impossible calls.  


Once all players have called the clenched fists will be opened, in order, starting with the first caller and following in a clockwise direction thereafter.


The total number of coins held will be added up and the person having called the correct number will be declared the winner of that round and will retire to the bar to “order the drinks”. At the bar, the first out may be required to advance legal tender to pay for the drinks unless he/she is able to negotiate a “Modicum of credit”. The remaining members of the “school” will continue until the final is contested by the last two remaining players in the school. There are no “losers” at spoof the eventual last man remaining has the honour of paying for the drinks of the other participants in the school!


Of course, there is a more serious side of Spoofing, following the same approach, but in a far more competitive environment. Spoofing Championships are held all over the Globe on a regular basis.


These events are very hotly contested, with eating and drinking greatly frowned upon ... by someone!


The official World Championship event has been going strong since 1983. Championship competitions follow a knock out type approach, where individuals compete in 'Schools' over seven rounds, with an initial round, followed by a repechage for those failing to win the first round. School sizes depend on the total number of competitors. After the repechage, the winners continue through the knockout competition, to quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

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