World Spoofing Championship events have been held every year since 1983. These events have been held all over the world in exotic cities such as Auckland, London, Johannesburg, Sydney, Wanchai, Bangkok, Wellington, Brisbane, Calais, Dublin, Dubai, Paris and Buenos Aires to name a few. The venue for any subsequent event is always at the sole discretion of the previous year's winner. The one exception to this is in a Rugby World Cup year, when the championships are held in the country hosting the Rugby World Cup event. It is interesting to note that there have only been two dual winners of the Spoofing World Championships, that being Murray Mexted and Mike (Banko) Banks.

2018 Pete 'Filth 1' Brooks
New Zealand
2017 Ben 'Mini Filth' Brooks
2016 Perry 'Peza' Wilson
2015 Geoff 'Cuz' Walker
2014 Paul Hayward
2013 Mike 'Banko' Banks
2012 Charlie 'Grosa' Rattray
2011 Brett '2 Metres' Annan
2010 Paul 'Mozza' Morris
2009 Max Cherrill
2008 Dawie Spandenberg
2007 Paul Tuson
2006 Ben Locke
2005 Pat Finlay
2004 Dominic Graham
2003 Mike Chappell
2002 Chris 'Gingerman' Lee
2001 Ant Salmon
2000 Kevin Schwass
1999 Patrick O'Flynn
1998 Jeremy Coulbeck
1997 PJ Marriott
1996 John Pilcher
1995 Mike Sadler
1994 Andy Tomlinson
1993 Mike 'Banko' Banks
1992 Eric 'Baron' Siegloff
1991 Gary Wilson
1990 Murray Mexted
1989 David Bennett
1988 Leslie Stokes
1987 Tim Cullen
1986 Malcolm Robertson
1985 Tony Stuart
1984 John Sargent
1983 Murray Mexted
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